“The Bronc Saddles”

This is a modern day G-G donated to the exhibit be Merrill Jolley of Lazy J Rodeo Safety Equipment.  Manufactured by Dennis George.


This great piece of history was donated to the exhibit by Charlie Williams, Wickenburg, AZ.

 “Jim I know you’re museum is for bareback riding. I have an old bronc saddle its a JC Higgins. That Dennis Reiner and I and Harry Thurston remodeled in the early eighties it used to be a 13 inch tree now it’s right up 18 inches let me know if it’s something that might work in your Museum I’ve got a couple of stories that go with it.”


This is an old ranch saddle that was converted into a bronc saddle. Still working on it’s history.

It was picked up in a dump in Dillon Mt. and was made by Colorado Saddlery in Denver.  Made in 1976.  

We purchased it from the lady that found it and had it in her store in Dillon, MT.