“Riggins – n – Rhymes”, The Museum

The “Riggins – n – Rhymes” museum is a small museum in Congress, AZ and this is the home base of our exhibit.  

It is open to the public by appointment only!


The small building that we house the exhibit in has now become too small to properly display the exhibit and THE NEW ADDITION IS NOW 98% COMPLETE AND WE ARE INVITING EVERYONE TO STOP BY !!

We hope you enjoy strolling through the pages with us we continue to add information about vintage rough stock equipment, rodeo history, and just a little Cowboy Poetry.

Our new bull riding exhibit includes not only bull ropes from the 50’s but it also includes ropes from the Frost family, including Joe, Shane, and yes, a Lane Frost rope. Thanks to Joe Frost for adding this to our exhibit.

In the beginning this is what our little exhibit looked like in the corner of my shop in Utah. Now we are trying to get a second small building going to fit everything into.

“Tools Of The Trade” Many of the younger cowboys are not familiar with the old rosin can. The rosin can was donated to the exhibit by a great cowboy, Chris Isaacs. Thanks Chris, I know that can went a ton of miles with you.

The museum is in a small building and now there is almost no room to move around. Having collected over 65 bareback riggings from 1900 up to the new ones of today, we are starting to work on the saddle bronc and bull riding portion of the exhibit.

Yup, if someone built it, we probably have one like it. The history of the equipment used over the last 116 years never ceases to amaze me. When I think I have seen everything, something new pops up.

From great rodeo posters to great equipment, it is all part of our rodeo history.

Whenever possible we have tried to capture the story behind the equipment that we display. The Who’s, The Where’s, And The Whens !

Some of the modern gloves used in the bareback ridding.  These gloves donated by Shawn Shields  B-B.


It is small but it holds a ton of history. New building will be to the right of this one.