“Riggins’ – n – Rhymes”, The Exhibit.

The “Riggins’ & Rhymes” exhibit is a unique exhibit of over 65 bareback riggins’ from the 1900’s, to the riggins’ used by cowboys going down the road today.

In addition, are vintage rough stock spurs made by Bobby Blackwood, Kelly, myself, and others.  We are expanding the exhibit to add vintage equipment from the bull riding and saddle bronc riding events. Pictures and articles about the history of the bareback riding round out the display.

This is the only exhibit of it’s kind in the world and is displayed in a small private museum in Congress, Az.

It is our wish to share this exhibit with the public with a very limited showing at major events or venues like the WNFR and the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

The uniqueness of this exhibit and the items in it make it extremely attractive to the cowboys of the past, as well as the present and also to the general public as they can now see up close exactly what the cowboys are using, both today, and 115 years ago.

Our exhibit has been named “Riggins’-n-Rhymes” because I also am a cowboy poet with a book published called “The Cowboy Way”, which has many great poems about the rodeo life, as well as others.

Following are a few pictures of our exhibit set up in the “exhibit format” when it is taken from the museum and exhibited as it was at the 2016 Parada Del Sol Rodeo in Scottsdale, AZ.


When showing the exhibit a little cowboy poetry fits right in. An educated audience, is what we as producers and participants need, to promote our sport.  Long Live Rodeo !


It might be whisky, or a little sweet tea,

When we sit down to talk, just you and me.

Old friends from the past, that we seldom see,

Yes, we’ll solve the worlds problems, just you and me.

Step up to the bar, or let’s sit for a spell,

It’s been a long time, you’ve aged, I can tell,

The years have slipped by, but we’ve managed to do well,

So lets sit for a spell,… might tell you a tale.

The lives we’ve lived, well that’s all in the past,

A windy road, some good,… and some bad.

Life’s not been easy, it’s a rocky old path,

But we’ve rode hard, and sometimes too fast.

But now tell me your story,… yes, a little whisky for me.

What’s that you say ? A little sweet tea ?

The tails that we spin, the memories I see,

Just two old friends, that’s you and me.

Don’t wait too long, to sit down for a chat,

With that special old friend, from days in the past,

Time sure does fly, no more than a glance,

Yes, whisky for me, …a little sweet tea per chance ?

Jim Liles