Wrangler National Finals Rodeo !

This great exhibit will be heading to Las Vegas in December for the WNFR and will be on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center !  If you are heading out to see Cowboy Christmas while you are at the WNFR be sure and stop by and see us.  We won’t know the exact location for a while but we will keep you informed !!


AUSTRALIAN LEGENDS OF RODEO!!! Jimmy Dix on Inman’s Albuquerque at the 1971 NFR. Photo by Ferrell Butler. .. read on….. THE AMAZING JIMMY DIX -DIGGER Jim Dix began his rodeo career in his home state of Western Australia – North Collie – winning state titles in saddlebronc and bullock riding in the early 1960s and by the mid 1960s was showing his prowess as a bareback rider. Jim joined APRA in 1959 and competed in roughstock (saddlebronc, bareback, bull and bullock riding) and timed events (steer wrestling and… roping) He won All-Around champion bareback titles in New Zealand in 1966 and 1967, then decided to tackle the north American circuit and Canadian The trip had it’s letdowns and he nearly returned home, but encouragement from fellow cowboys-and another season-saw him qualify for the national titles. He was the first Australian rider to compete and carry the Australian flag at this event, where he qualified a record nine times a row in the bareback broncride from 1969 to 1977. He was runner-up twice to the legendary Joe Alexander. Jim won titles at the Calgary Stampede, Cheyenne Frontier Days and four times in Salt Lake City. He returned to Australia in 1978 and won John Singleton’s World Titles in Sydney in 1978, and made a bid for the Australian title which he won in 1979. He came out of retirement in 1981 and won another world title in Rockhampton in 1981. Today Jim lives in Taroom Queensland and is active in the professional rodeo scene as a well-respected roughstock judge at most major events,he was also a keen tennis player. Lucky history has been kept alive..check out an awesome unique collection of historical Rodeo equipment …the tools of the trade.. With ‘Riggin’s & Rhymes’; Jim Liles : ‘keeping rodeo history alive’: https://www.facebook.com/Riggins-Rhymes-1653508071562178/… Thank you Legends of Rodeo for this awesome picture of Jimmy Dix an Australian Icon.


Dave Reidhead – Pioneer Of The Bareback Rigging

Dave Reidhead was one of the early pioneers of improving the Bareback Riggings to what it has become!

My dad, Guy Reidhead, was constantly trying new things to improve the cowboy equipment of the working and the competing cowboys.

In the 50s he & mom designed the saddle to make the first “Light Weight Saddle” using nylon and fiber glass to make the saddles lighter and deleting unnecessary leather for the saddles that women to use in the Barrel Racing Contest.

It paved the way for what the women are using today.

I remember a lot of nights that Dave would be in Dad’s saddle shop designing and changing things that he believed would help the cowboys to excel in the event.

Dave used Fiberglass and Nylon in most of his designs, and yes, there were a couple of designs that I would have never put my hand in but they were all unique!

Dave qualified for the “RCA Finals in 1963 and was constantly trying out new designs – one of his most awesome designs was the “Ex-15”

it was an amazing design! It was only used for about a year and won several of the Big Rodeos!

After one of our friends ( I believe it was Paul Howard) won one of the big events in Texas by making an extraordinary ride that drew attention of a couple of big names in the Bare Back Bronc Event and didn’t take long for Jim Houston, Bareback Director at the Time, to outlaw the design.

Ironic because shortly after outlawing Dave’s design Jim started production on a similar design and using his name as World Champion to make a bunch of money!

Unfortunately, after the design was outlawed and Dave retired from competing because of a career ending injury the year after being at the Finals – the X-15 disappeared! The proto-type has gone into obscurity!

Dave was disappointed and depressed because the Doctors told him his injury would never allow him to compete at the same level when he made it to the finals. So he basically backed away from Rodeo —

At the time Dave lost about 10% of the usage of his riding arm and the Doctors told him if he had another injury like that he would lose the complete usage of his riding arm.

I believe that he would have eventually won the World – But some Dreams Are Never to Be!

Devastating End to a Man’s journey to be the World’s Champion!

It is Sad that Dave Reidhead will just be a Foot Note in the History in The Evolution of The Bareback Rigging!


I have to tell a story on Jim. The parking lot at our Gilbert Days IPRA Rodeo wasn’t the smoothest lot. My friend Jeri Lilly, a great trick rider, and I, saw Jim going into the horse trailer to do what every cowboy and cowgirl had done. I’ll let you figure that one out. So Jeri and I looked at each other with a gleam in our eyes and a smile on our face. We made a bee line for the truck. Got in, put the keys in, and slammed on the gas. The trailer gates were waving in the wind and we couldn’t really hear what Jim was yelling, but I probably couldn’t put the words here anyway. Jeri and I were laughing until tears flowed. When we circled the trailer and went back to park, it is needless to say that Jeri & I locked the truck doors until Jim went back to the arena.

Ladies I know you have some stories you could tell!


In the seventies I flew back to Oklahoma on occasion to work some rodeos and when I did I sometimes stayed with Tommy Crandall. This crazy little guy was one hell of a bull rider, but you had to keep a tight rein if that was even possible.
We were leaving a little town after a rodeo and headed back to Tulsa to catch a plane. Just outside of town we picked up a County Mountie keeping an eye on us. Tommy says, “Jim, put this baggy down your shorts.” You know us Okies, we don’t wear none. He continues, “They can’t search your shorts here in Oklahoma so you are good to go.”
Well, when the belly gut laughing subsided I told Tommy, “You better start eating that stuff because I was born at night, but it weren’t last night.” He proceeded to stuff that crap down the seats of that big Cadillac of his and we eased on down the road, yup, on the road in Oklahoma.
We were in between rodeos there outside of Muskogee, hotter than hell and humidity about 90%. Tommy says to everyone, “Hell, lets go down to the creek and go swimming.” That sounded like a great idea to all of us sitting around doing nothing so off we go. There was a little creek with the greatest little pond I had ever seen. Just like out of one of those old pictures in Post magazine. Big trees, rope swing, the whole nine yards.
We had been swinging and having a heck of a time for about thirty minutes and I was on the far side of the pond. I started to swim upstream where the creek came in to the pond and Tommy Crandall just started screaming at me. I stopped to listen and he says, “No, no, don’t go up there. That is where all the Cotton Mouths hang out.” Well, that is where I found out the Jesus wasn’t the only one that could walk on water and I never went swimming in Oklahoma again.

Please add your own down the road rodeo stories!!!! – JIM LILES

Rodeo History

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Come on folks, lets talk rodeo, especially vintage rodeo. No, I don’t mean the great rides we made, or the buckles we won, but what it took to get down the road!