Chit Chat

We would again like to thank all of the kind folks that have checked our little blog out and visited our web site.  The last few months have been very busy and it will remain that way until the end of the year, but with so many exciting things going on we are surely blessed.  I will try and post a few things from both finals.  Always remember, we are a non profit museum and exist only through the gifts and donations of our great fans.      

Cow Pony

I’m not lookn’ for that special horse, they swear has never bucked,

Or one they claim will take that trail, for thirty miles, and never fuss.

Naw, you’re lookn’ for a pony, that you goldarn sure can trust.

No bucks, no ducks, no wild crap, I just need a horse to trust.


Now he’s thrown some damn good cowboys, and a wild eye he’ll throw to you,

For he’s looking for a cowboy, that’s a cowboy through and through.

You think he doesn’t know the turn, of a reata thrown overhead,

To catch a horse for the early ride, and get home and no sore head.


These old cowboy horses are wiser, than we could ever think,

They know all these old cowboys, hell I think they know what they drink.

But we just keep complaining, I wish I had a better mount,

Hell one that would tuck me in at night, with black coffee come the round.


So saddle up your pony, be a dapple or a roan,

Take him on up to the brandn’, make them cowboys moan and grown.

You’ve brought the best cow pony, he’s shown what he can do,

But he sure shows up some cowboys,……. would you give them pony’s there due.









*Copyright © Jim Liles 09/02/2017









PBR World Finals Time !

Well we finished the mirror that will be auctioned off at the Rider Relief Booth at Fan Fair area during the World Finals.  The plaque that goes on it should be here today or tomorrow.  We are very proud to be able to do this for the Rider Relief Fund. Be sure and bid on it.

                                                                                                        “Mike Lee”

“2004 PBR World Champion and World Finals Champion”

Donated by:      Riggins’ – N – Rhymes Museum

Bull rope donated by Mike Lee


October updates

Well this little project is getting close to finished. I am going to take it to the foundry soon to work out details on how to get it ready for casting. Hopefully next year I will be able to have a mold made and get one made of bronze.  Then If someone wants one we can do that too   

Sorting things out

As we continue work on the exhibit, updating, and making room for new items we occasionally wind up having a few duplicates, and some of those are very collectible .  One item in particular  is a Charley Beals BB Riggin that appears (as one friend stated), it had been in a time capsule.  We are going to sell if if we can get a good offer and put the money toward our second building that is under construction.  We will also be parting with two Ramond Hulin riggings.  If you have any interest please contact me by e-mail at     Thanks, Jim

Just a little update.

Hi folks, I haven’t been on here for quite a while and I sure hope to change that.  Trying real hard to get the exhibit in a position to be the greatest exhibit in Las Vegas.  If you haven’t heard, we will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center, “Cowboy Christmas”, back by the rodeo town.  We are looking for a few good people to help set up and tear down the exhibit. If you know some folks that are hard workers and will work for little money, let us know.  We are also looking for folks to get involved in the day to day running of Riggins-n-Rhymes, blog posts, promotion etc.  As we are a 501(c)(3) non profit with zero money, you can see how this works.  Please contact us if you would like to become involved in this great museum.  I hope to be able to announce the location of our booth very soon.

Have a great day,

Jim Liles

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo !

This great exhibit will be heading to Las Vegas in December for the WNFR and will be on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center !  If you are heading out to see Cowboy Christmas while you are at the WNFR be sure and stop by and see us.  We won’t know the exact location for a while but we will keep you informed !!